Chris & Sandy Heard

"This was our second time working with Chris & Sandy. We will definitely go back to them in the future."

(David & Chantal)

"Great advice for first time home buyers. Sandy always ensured that we were informed of important aspects that we might not have thought of ourselves, i.e. if there was a developer that owned land near a home that we were looking at"

(Merrisa & Harrison)

"Being that we were not from the area, you informed us of many things we didn’t know about different neighbourhoods. You exceeded our expectations of working with a buying agent. We greatly appreciated your professionalism and your honesty. It was a pleasure to work with you."

(Line & Remi)

"Down to earth and good advice. Looking forward to our next purchase with you"

(Ewa & Eric)

"Chris and Sandy are the Dream Team that was able to walk us through every step of our first home purchase. We felt very safe in their hands; their knowledge and expertise was obvious during every interaction we had. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did."

(Simon & Serena)

"Friendly, attentive, straight shooters. Always felt we were in good hands"

(Katherine & Ron)

"Both Chris and Sandy were very professional and patient with our quick but lengthy search. We liked how we weren’t pushed or persuaded to buy a certain house. You were impartial and very honest."

(Ashley & Graeme)

"We have used you before and would use you again. We love the personal touch you give us and would recommend you to anyone looking for a REALTOR. Looking forward to my Christmas wreath at the new house. Love the attention you continue to offer years after the sale."

(Karen & Fernando)

"Thank you for absolutely everything. After interviewing other REALTORS, we are extremely happy that we chose the best one!"

(Carmen & Aaron)

"Au cours des 10 dernières années, Nois avons conclu 5 achats/ventes avec Chris. Nous avons toujours eu un excellent service c’est pourquoi que nous le rappellons. C’est toujours un plaisir de faire des transactions avec lui. Il est franc et professionnel. S’il y avait une sixième étoile nous lui aurions attrubuée. Bravo"

(Stephane et Nicole)