Moving day is stressful - there is no doubt about it. Here are a few hacks to make the day go a bit smoother.

Tuesday Feb 06th, 2024


  1. Don’t pack liquids for movers to take. Imagine if something like a bottle of bleach leaked. Pack them in their own box and bring it yourself. 
  2. Invest in good moving boxes. Sturdy boxes will protect your belongings better, and they are much less likely to collapse while moving. You can buy boxes at most moving companies, as well as stores like Staples and storage facilities such as Damon. 
  3. If you have a pet, consider letting a friend take them for a day or check them in for a short stay at a kennel. This reduces the stress that your fur baby will feel. 
  4. Make sure big outdoor items like play structures are disassembled prior to moving day. Many movers will not move them if they are assembled. 
  5. Take photos of the back of your TV and electronic devices as a reference before you take them apart so that set-up at your new home is easier. 
  6. Defrost your fridge and freezer at least a day before moving to avoid big drippy messes. 
  7. Don’t use garbage bags to pack! It is very easy to mistake a bag of personal belongings for garbage when you pack them this way. 
  8. Colour code your boxes with different stickers for different rooms, making it easier to direct boxes as you move into the new place. 
  9. Detach your propane tank from your BBQ and transport it yourself. 
  10. If you are moving yourself, and have recruited your friends and family to move, save the beer until after they are done! You might avoid a few holes in the drywall .... 

Check out the moving checklist from the Canadian Association of Movers for a few more things to consider - 

If you need some suggestions for good movers in Ottawa, give us a call!

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